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To see how Short Codes work, text AnyText to 80818 now!

Short Code/Keyword rental £15 month. Free setup.

On the AnyText home page you will see “text AnyText to 80818 and we will call you back”. In this example “AnyText” is a Keyword, and 80818 is a Short Code. Having ‘texted’ you receive an acknowledgement message, and we then phone you back. You don’t have to give us your phone number, it comes to us automatically.

That is how Text SMS Short Code Marketing works. So try texting AnyText to 80818 to see it in action – and we will phone you back!

Text SMS Short Codes are 5 digit numbers that enable you to be open 24/7 via your mobile marketing campaign. Seeing your advertisement, customers can text to:

  • Take up a promotion or offer.
  • Ask that a brochure be sent to their phone.
  • Register an interest in an activity or event.
  • Ask for a call-back.
  • Receive a promotional coupon or discount voucher via their phone.
  • Text in to vote or take part in a survey.
  • Opt in to receive updates and alerts.
  • Receive “For Sale” details.


Your Keyword is unique to you and the usual choice is your company name or a word associated with the product or service you offer. Bear it in mind that your customer will be texting your Keyword to a Short Code, so your Keyword should be as short as possible. Your Keyword enables you to build on brand identity.


Text / SMS Short Code Features

  • Free setup. A non-premium (standard rate) Short Code can be setup quickly to include automated reply.
  • Your auto reply / welcome message is immediately sent in response to all inbound messages.
  • Notifications of all incoming messages are immediately forwarded to your nominated email address and/or mobile phone, allowing you to act on the incoming message straight away.


For a Keyword on a Shared Short Code we charge £15.00 per Keyword per month.

To see Short Codes in action text AnyText to 80818 - and we will phone you back
or to discuss your SMS requirements call us on 01387 811613 / Mob. 07837 219089 or email

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