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SMS Texting API Gateway for Developers – free, easy and quick set-up

The AnyText Programmers’ API is a simple, reliable program which automates the sending of SMS messages directly from your website or other business application.

As an example, your web page could simply have a button which customers click to automatically receive updates from your company. Or, if you are offering a product or service, customers would click on the link to automatically place an order/booking etc or to have details sent to their phone. Users of the service can opt to regularly receive automatic text messages with your company’s latest news as well as relevant notifications, reminders, invitations to events and much more.

AnyText can also provide you with a Keyword and Inbound number so that customers can opt to receive information from you by SMS. So, a Restaurant might include in its adverts and website “Text Offers to 80818 to receive special deals and promotions”, and so on for any business. The message you send might include a link to a website for product lookups.

The SMS API Gateway is easy to use, is reliable and robust and the basic service is FREE - it costs you nothing other than the messages you send - and of course there is full support.

What next? Just contact us for your username and password to be set-up and we email you the URL of the appropriate API and you get going. Easy!

For Developers

AnyText exposes its data via an Application Programming Interface (API) Wikipedia defenition.

AnyText’s SMS API enables your web site or windows application to send text messages seamlessly without customers having to use any of AnyText’s web pages. Applications written in Perl, PHP, ASP.Net, ASP, Java,C++, .Net and Visual Basic can all make use our API. Message delivery, tracking and reporting can all be easily embedded within a customer’s application. Customers can offer SMS texting functionality in confidence, knowing that AnyText SMS gateways are UK based and fully backed up should there be any issues with the primary gateway.

The API supports GET, POST and SOAP.


  • Use of the API is free
  • High throughput and resilience
  • Complete global coverage
  • Works with Short Codes or Virtual SMS numbers
  • Full message tracking and auditing

How to start

To use the API you must have an account with AnyText.
Create a new account via the Register button on the Menu Bar.
Request an API upgrade via the Contact Us link on the Menu Bar.
Once your account is set-up you can proceed to add SMS capability to your application.
AnyText’s API specification can be viewed at this URL -

To see the API in action without having to modify your application, simply paste the code below into your browser and the message will be sent to the text number of your choice.

Message: enter your message.
To: enter the recipient’s mobile phone number.
Username: your AnyText login username.
Password: your AnyText password.
Reference: your message reference ID.

Register now or call 01387 811613 / Mob. 07837 219089 to start using SMS text messaging today

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