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Text SMS Messaging Services for Employment,
Recruitment and Training Agencies

Text SMS messaging from AnyText makes it easy and quick for Employment, Recruitment and Training Agencies to have instant and personal communication with candidates, staff and suppliers.

Two Way text SMS Messaging, - send & receive text SMS messages using your office PC – without using a mobile phone. There is no software to install. You just login to your account in our Web Interface – – and follow the on screen guide.

Text new job alerts. Candidates text to opt in for job alerts. Day to day client contact. Fill vacancies quickly and reduce costs. Keep in touch with temporary staff.

By inviting candidates to join your TextClub they can opt in to receive updates, alerts and appointment reminders by text, and at the same time you are building databases of candidates for temporary/short term employment.

With text SMS messaging from AnyText Employment, Recruitment and Training Agencies can:


  • Text new job alerts within a few minutes of a vacancy becoming available.
  • Allow candidates to text to register for job alerts
  • Accept applications by text message.
  • Text to keep in day to day contact with applicants, clients, staff, suppliers.
  • Text to confirm interviews, meetings, offers.
  • Fill vacancies quickly and reduce costs.
  • Install a button in your website so that candidates can have details sent to their phone or register an interest.
  • Text “what do you think of our service?” follow-ups.
  • Replies to your email inbox.
  • Start a TextClub so applicants can opt in to receive job alerts.
  • Keyword/Short Code Marketing.


  • 2 way text messaging – replies come to your mobile or email inbox.
  • SenderID branding.
  • Create phonebooks for regularly used numbers.
  • Store message templates.
Low Prices Free Signup Login Contact

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  • Write your text message as you would an email, or select from a template.
  • Send to one number or many.
  • Send your text message(s) now or schedule for sending at a future date/time.
  • Send to UK landlines – delivered as voicetext.
  • Use message templates
  • Create phonebooks of regularly used numbers.
  • Free account setup/
  • No minimum usage requirements.
  • No small print.

Text SMS messaging is the fastest growing communications and marketing medium for businesses and can differentiate you from competitors. When you need to fill a vacancy quickly and cost effectively there is no better way than using text SMS – from AnyText, of course. It’s quick, easy and cost-effective for sending out job alerts, general information, offers and news. The cost of text messaging is minimal compared to mail, phone calls and press or media advertising. Virtually everyone has a mobile phone – texting is immediate and keeps you in touch, saving you time and money.

For more information on our texting services call 01387 811613 / Mob. 07837 219089
or email to discuss your SMS requirements

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