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SMS Text Messaging & Short Code Marketing for Garages, Car Dealerships & Motor Industry

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Show a Short Code in your adverts for people to text in for more details, for a brochure, or for a test drive.

Text SMS Messaging is the fastest growing communications and marketing medium on the planet! SMS Text messaging is ideally suited to the Motor Trade, Car dealers, MOT garages and Car Service Centres

Text SMS Messaging from AnyText helps to build relationships by keeping customers informed. Send SMS Text messages to customers, colleagues, suppliers with product details, alerts, confirmations, reminders, updates, news.

Through AnyText you can contact 70 million mobiles in the UK and up to 30 million landlines (voicetext). All from your PC.

Free account set-up with no fixed monthly charges. No minimum billing. Just buy bundles of message credits as and when you want them. Full, free support and program updates.

Much more than just a text... you are able to:

  • Text MOT reminders
  • Text car Service reminders
  • Text “What did you think of our service?” customer surveys
  • Text reminders, alerts, updates, news
  • Text Car For Sale details
  • Install a button in your website so that clients can enter their phone number to have details sent from your site
  • Have Keyword Short Code campaigns
  • Write your SMS message as you would an email
  • Send SMS messages to one number or many
  • Send SMS messages to all UK networks and over 600 overseas networks
  • Send SMS messages now or timetable for future sending
  • Send SMS messages to one number or many
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Thank you for all your help."

  • Type in the destination phone number(s) or import a file of numbers (csv file) from your computer into your AnyText account for sending
  • Have replies sent to your mobile or your email inbox
  • Setup phonebooks and message templates
  • Have customised programming
  • And there is Full, Free support
Register now or call 01387 811613 / Mob. 07837 219089 to start using SMS text messaging today

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